In Laymens Terms – What would really happen if Britain exits the EU

In Laymens Terms – What would really happen if Britain exits the EU?

Firsty, nobody really knows as this has never happened before! So everything that you read or is thrust upon you in the news and Britains Brexit wowes is all conjecture and based on polls and surveys but not on any real world examples.

So if Britains public decides that the EU is not for them what would it actually mean and how might it affect Britains future?

Firstly, Britain survived without it many years ago and since the conception of the EU there have been so many restictive stipulations placed by the EU on such a small island that many of these things particularly those in the agricultural sectors and manufacturing sectors have stiffled what was once a stong country.

I am sure many farmers would prefer to do something with their land, than do nothing and receive grants? Wouldn’t it be great for children to go harvesting hay bales instead of being sat in front of an XBOX or PS whatever? That is part of the frustrations voice by the British people but what would happen if the NO vote actually went through.

Britian could once again invest directly into its own economy instead of bolstering a failing EU single state which doesnt appear to quite working right.

Upon the agreed day of the Brexit – the British Pound (GBP) might devalue against other currencies such as the USD or EURO – if it did devalue this could actually be a good thing as citizens outside of the UK will be have better value for money when purchasing in the UK as their own currencyies will be stonger – this would be a boost for tourism as holidays/accomodation/car hire/food and luxury goods would be much cheaper for them…a kind of travellers supermarket sweep would occur.

But supposing the GBP didnt devalue and the Euro instead took a major devaluation due to the shockwaves of the UK exiting this flagging network of countries? Property purchaes in EU member states would be cheaper, holidays abroad to EU countries would be cheap and buying from business in the Euopean Union would provide better value for money.

So already you could see benefits on either of the two real life financial examples so why is everyone stating this is such a disaster if Britain exits?

When you then also take into account the decrease in burden to the NHS system and improved immigration control, financially surely a Brexit would bring Britain the stability that Brtish Citizens have been craving?



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