My life as a forex affiliate

I would like to take you through a journey of how and how not to become a successful Forex affiliate!

Nowadays, you can affiliate or promote many different products and receive a kickback financially or via money off coupons.

There have been three main core affiliations available outside of physical products that I can remember.

One of the very early chances to become an affiliate was within the adult entertainment industry. However, to make any money from this you needed to be in right at the conception of the adult industry. I missed the kick starter opportunities came in way too late had a bunch of affiliate websites and premium rate telephone numbers and to be honest made very little money as you couldn’t exactly go and advertise adult porn links on Google adwords campaigns.
In a desperate measure to try to compensate for my failing affiliate business in the adult industry I took on a white label. For those of you who do not know what a white label is, it is a fully functional website and back-end provided by a major player in the industry you are promoting which is rebranded to look like your own. The only problem with a white label as you must have a huge marketing budget and a niche target market to even compete with the mainstream players (the companies that are providing you the affiliate links in the first place).

The next major affiliate opportunity to present itself was that of the casino and poker affiliate industry. Casino and poker affiliation opportunities were presented to the general public by most major gaming companies like 888, InterCasino, red 21 and many others. Having not learned my lessons previously I decided to go the white label route when promoting poker and casino. My ethos then changed when one day I was presented with the barefaced truth that you can actually make more money from affiliation than you can from white labeling.
I pulled into the car park of the St Raphael hotel in Limassol, Cyprus for one of the first poker conferences held on the island. As I parked up my meagre Toyota I looked around and saw top of the range Ferrari’s, Porsches and other supercars which were in fact all hire vehicles. Once I’d gone through the registration process in the foyer of the hotel for the actual conference itself, I then sat in on various poker and casino related seminars. Without exception at every table I sat at I was surrounded by 18 to 20-year-olds who were dripping with gold jewellery and have the latest gadgets attached to them. During various conversations I had with these guys and girls it became clear that actually they were very clever affiliates and never bothered or even needed white label setups.
Armed with this information I to began to affiliate with all the major poker and casino companies but again I had kind of missed the boat on this one as well. During my time as an affiliate American gaming was restricted and banned therefore the major poker and casino companies lost a great deal of revenue and custom. Due to these cross-border restrictions this also affected affiliates target markets to a level whereby the gaming companies themselves and the affiliate’s were all trying to eat a slice of the same pie.

Don’t get me wrong I had made some money from the adult industry and some money from the gaming industry, but never life changing sums.

Then one day this new banking type thing raised its head and was quickly labelled posh gaming or posh poker. This new banking thing was called forex or FX.
For once I got in a ground-level and for once I knew I was only ever going to be an affiliate but a bloody good one at that!
So my first thing that I did was to make sure that I was dealing with reliable brokers who paid out reliably. Even some of the top 10 brokers at the time skimmed affiliate referrals and often delayed, withheld or found a reasonable excuse in their own eyes not to pay out large sums of affiliate commission. But eventually, I found a handful of brokers who paid up, had some of the best promotional tools and some of the best backends available for forex affiliate. Even when you look at this website you will see I still work with the same handful of reliable forex brokers.
Forex4you Is one broker that I have been with for many many many years and often when requesting a withdrawal is paid out hours later, even though their terms and conditions say it may be X number of business days. I have never had a single withdrawal from my affiliate commissions questioned or delayed.
From this website alone it generates thousands of dollars of revenue income for me. Because they really are a company that look after their partners (that us the affiliates) and the forex traders themselves who are not only the forex brokers client but also our clients as well.

Sure, I want you to use this link to Forex4you to have a look around and see why it is my personal favourite is a forex broker affiliate, but don’t take my word for it and sign up today and become an affiliate make some money. Yes, you can actually make some money from this it won’t happen overnight but it will become a regular revenue stream for you as it has been for me. See the beauty with being a forex broker affiliate is that when you refer someone who then becomes a trader on the forex brokers website you receive a commission on every single trade. Which sure if you are only referring cent traders then it will take a while for you to get rich! But I have around 30 PAMM traders, these traders manage portfolios on behalf of others and trade hundreds or thousands worth of dollars per day… You can only imagine the commissions you would receive on each and every one of those trades! Every day I check my affiliate statistics and every day I have a very big smile on my face and I honestly believe with a little bit of effort you would soon be smiling to.

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