Great Britain or the United Kingdom during the Brexit Era

It is a very weird time in the United Kingdom right now during the Brexit.Era. If you believe all the doom and gloom that is being spun by the media then this could be the worst decision that Great Britain or the United Kingdom has ever made.

It’s interesting to note that as soon as the successful leave campaign had cast its vote, then those who had opted to stay in the EU wanted a re-referendum as the vote didn’t go their way. I wonder if the stay in campaigners had won the initial referendum would they have been so eager to allow the exiteers to have a second chance of a successful referendum. I think not!

So to get to the truth of what is really happening in the UK you have to cut through a lot of media flannel to establish the truth of what is actually going on. I read the other day in Google News that the UK is speculated to be in recession within the year. And if you look back through that sentence speculated is the operative word. Because there is plenty of speculation about what could or what might or more may happen! But in real terms the financial institutions, the banks, the market speculators and even the people themselves don’t really know what’s going on or is going to actually happen. Because this is never happened before to any EU member.

As we stated before in our previous posts when the vote was announced the GBP exchange rate suffered greatly. That’s because many of the forex institutions brought the GBP Sterling in huge quantities thinking very blasé that the staying vote would win. As soon as it didn’t the money markets ditched the currency like it was going out of fashion. Hence the fluctuation of the British pound which is slowly beginning to recoup.

Today you will be able to read about the thousands of British holidaymakers who have had their summer plans ruined following the collapse of the low-cost travel group which trades on the World Wide Web as It is reported that this holiday company went into administration last Thursday and left 27,000 customers currently stranded in holiday resorts and a further hundred and 10,000 who haven’t even begun their summer holiday travels yet. Again this has been blamed about the chaos that has been caused as a result of Brexit.
But surely if a company was going into administration last Thursday could this all really be as a result of Brexit or could it just be another company that has suffered from bad business management, inadequate marketing et cetera? We not implying that this is the case but it could be right?

When I said I was looking at Google News the other day above the post that related to the gloomy speculation of recession in the UK was a post relating to the successful bid and buyout of pound land UK by an international investment company. See now that’s real, that’s something that has really happened and is a positive and if more media companies and organisations began to herald the success stories instead of the doom and gloom then the Brexit transition for the UK would be so much easier and far more enjoyable. Please share this post if you feel the same!

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